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Know And Understand The Symptoms And You Will Know What Is Celiac Disease

In actual fact, there are so many symptoms, it would not be possible to mention them all in this short time and space. You can take this angle of listing some of the symptoms of the disease in order to learn, understand and appreciate what is celiac disease. Another angle can be taken for good measure. Start learning about the long term effects of contracting the celiac disease. These are essentially health conditions and illnesses which can double up as symptoms of the disease in the context of this short note.

It goes without saying that if any forms of gluten sensitivity or intolerance are not responded to positively, healthily and medically, adverse health conditions could develop over time. And some of these may even be life-threatening. Some of the conditions that could develop over time include anemia, arthritis, bone disease, diabetes, IBS and lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance means that you would be particularly sensitive to dairy products.

what is celiac disease

This is a condition that does affect young growing children. But like gluten intolerance, these children often grow out of these symptoms by the time they reach the age of twelve. Bone disease or osteoporosis is a condition common to men and women over the age of fifty. But this disease could occur much earlier in life among those few sufferers of the celiac disease. Due to the acute nature of the disease, nutritional deficiencies are always going to be a prevailing symptom for celiac sufferers.

It need not be. Get treatment for any symptom you experience as early as possible and you avoid the onset of any threatening diseases or illnesses. The same goes for all folks with any forms of indigestion or stomach upsets. The development of liver conditions is often associated with the abuse of alcohol. But it is also possible for those with high levels of gluten intolerance and rare sufferers of the celiac disease to develop such a condition.

Interestingly, alcoholic beverages do contain high levels of gluten. There is no known cure for the celiac disease. Those who are diagnosed with this rare disorder need to prepare themselves for a lifelong association with this disease.